To be a member of this shooting club you just simply need to be a member of the SSAA (Sporting Shooters Association of Australia) with Q14 as the branch on your card.

For a single member for 12 months and a free magazine delivered is only $93.00 a year.

For Additional family members residing at the same address with no magazine only $70 a year.

As a Member of the S.S.A.A. you are part of an Australian wide support network of over 195,862 members, with access to S.S.A.A. Sporting Facilities in each State. In Queensland alone we have some 65 Branches and Target Ranges, and approximately 70,000+ Members.

  • A great family sport. Target shooting is one of the few sports available that the whole family can do together and it doesn't have to be expensive.
  • People of all ages (11 to 100) and fitness can join in and enjoy.
  • Most people with disabilities, can participate fully in this sport.
  • Just like any other Sporting Organisation or Club, each Branch has its' own social functions, where people of like interests can relax and have fun.

If you are a person that enjoys a personal challenge, likes to take the time to perfect technique, then the Sport of Target Shooting is for you! It takes a lot of skill to be able to place a shot into a circle no bigger than a 20 cent piece over a distance of 50mts. It sounds very easy to do, until you have to do it. To place 5 shots in the same circle becomes even harder; but, at the end of the shoot if you have done it, it is the same feeling as hitting a 'hole in one' at Golf. Many try, but only a few lucky ones achieve it. With Target Shooting everybody has the opportunity to succeed. It is only practice and technique that help you to achieve that 5 shots in the circle, time after time.

To join the SSAA you can follow these links

Join SSAA Online at the link : Online Joining Form

Download Application Form :  SSAA Membership Application