Why take up Shooting as a Sport?

You might be wondering what could possibly interest you in the sport of shooting? How do you become a shooter, what kind of benefits does this sport offer you? Our website covers some interesting aspects of the shooting sports.

  • Target shooting helps you to develop the skills of concentration, and hand to eye coordination
  • Shooting helps you build confidence by learning a new skill that forces you to challenge yourself every time you compete, you can see how much your shooting improves between range visits.
  • It helps you relax. Target shooting is an avenue for stress relief and relaxation.
  • Shooting brings you opportunities to socialize with your team mates and competitors.
  • Gives you self control, concentration and at the same time makes you more competitive.
  • Target shooting is the ideal family sport. We provide family friendly facilities where there are activities for the whole family
  • Interestingly shooting is one of the few sports where women can compete on an equal basis with men! In fact women generally outdo their male counterparts!
  • It's not just relaxing and challenging, it's a lot of fun!! Come and try!

Personal Challenge

If you are a person that enjoys a personal challenge, likes to take the time to perfect technique, and likes to be in control, then the Sport of Shooting is for you! It takes a lot of skill to be able to place a shot into a circle no bigger than a 20 cent piece over a distance of 50 metres. It sounds very easy to do, until you have to do it. To place 5 shots in the same circle becomes even harder but at the end of the shoot if you have done it, it is the same feeling as hitting a 'hole in one' at Golf. Many try, but only a few lucky ones achieve it. With Shooting everybody has the opportunity to succeed. It is only practice and technique that help you to achieve a 5 shot bullseye, time after time.