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Applicants for a new Queensland Firearms License must successfully complete an approved course in Firearms Safety in the 12 month period ahead of the date when they lodge their application.

The courses we offer meet the requirement for a Queensland License for Category A, B and H Firearms. Category H is on request only as range faciities are limited.

This Course deals with knowledge, attitude and behaviour needed to use firearms safely, responsibly and legally. It includes the technology of firearms and ammunition, safe handling and safe use of firearms, legal and social responsibilities of shooters and a practical shoot at our range to demonstrate you are competent in handling a firearm.

The next available course is : Sunday  2020 (Postponed)  TBA

The following course after that will be :  Sunday  2020 (Postponed)  TBA


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Please note if you intend to join the SSAA on the day of the course we only charge the member rate

SSAA Member Non SSAA Member  SSAA Member  SSAA Member  SSAA Member SSAA Junior Non SSAA Junior
Cat A&B Safety Course $125.00 $155.00 $125.00 $125.00 $125.00 $30.00 $60.00
SSAA Membership (1 Magazine a Year) - - $ 93.00
- - $ 27.00
SSAA Membership (2 Magazines a Year) - - - $ 123.00
- - -
SSAA Membership Pensioner / Family - - - - $70.00
- -
Totals $125.00 $155.00 $ 218.00
$ 248.00 $195.00
$ 57.00

To book in for a Training course with us you must have a USI (Unique Student identifier number) a new government student system that identifies a student around Australia.  DOWNLOAD USI FORM HERE

Once you have this number please download and read the enrolment guide for dates and how to pay and book  

You can complete an online application or download and print the application form

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Or contact Roger : SSAA Instructor on mobile 0474 533 400 Mon - Fri 9:00am to 5:00pm (Calls outside these hours will not be answered)  You can email Roger with any questions at the following address  :